Firewall PfSense, IPFire, NG Firewall
IPS/IDS Snort, Suricata
Web Application Firewall ModSecurity, IronBee, WebKnight (MS IIS)
Log Analytics
SIEMonster, Elastic Stack, OSSIM
Container Security Clair, Anchore, Dagda
Network Monitoring Nagios Core, Zabbix, Icinga 2
Backup and Recovery Amanda, UrBackup, Bacula
Email Antivirus Gateway MailScanner, OrangeAssassin, MailCleaner
Log Management Elastic Stack, Fluentd
Multi-Factor Authentication LinOTP
Privileged Access Management (PAM) OpenPAM (Linux), Teleport (Linux)
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) OpenDLP, MyDLP
Email Antivirus Armadito
Wireless monitoring Vistumber, Kismet
Network Security Monitor Bro
Application Security Testing, Coverity SCAN, OWASP ZAP
Security Orchestration Patrowl, TheHive, Demisto
Sandbox Cuckoo Sandbox
SSL Certificates Let's Encrypt
Secure DNS BIND, PowerDNS, DNSCrypt
Governance Risk and Compliance Monitoring Eramba
Key Management Vault by HashiCorp, StrongKey
VPN OpenVPN, SoftEther, Freelan, RiseUP
Network Access Control PacketFence, openNAC
Security Controls Bundles Security Onion, Prelude
Deception Honeypots Honeynet
Patch Management OPSI
Penetration Testing Kali Linux, Backbox, Parrot OS, Commando VM
Security Orchestration Patrowl, TheHive, Demisto
Reverse Proxy Load Balancer Nginx
Asset Management Open-AudIT, Snipe-IT, Kuwaiba