Today's post can be used by System Admins and fellow friends to detect any suspicious process launch in background. Latest malwares use fileless techniques to infect the system by spawning the system processes from memory region itself.

cmd and powershell are two such processes of high interest along with several others that need to be specially monitored.

Let us now prepare our machine to create an event upon such behavior. This can be achieved by starting your Local Security Policy > Local Policies > Audit Policy and setting the Audit Process Tracking setting to Success,Failure

This setting will create an Windows event each time a process gets spawned.

audit_process.png, Jun 2021


These generated events with the EventId of 4688 can be manually viewed from Event Viewer as shown in below screenshot

event_viewer.png, Jun 2021


All we now need to do is monitor for such generated events. We will do this by creating a program in Ruby. The program will keep an eye on these Security events and will alert us upon a new process launch



Installing required gems

gem install win32-eventlog


OUR PROGRAM { loop { sleep 0.01 } } # Allow Ctrl-C
require "win32/eventlog"
include Win32

log ='Security') do |log|
log.tail do |x|

if x.string_inserts[5].to_s.match(/cmd|powershell|calc|regedit/i) and x.event_id == 4688
p 'Process ' + x.string_inserts[5].to_s + ' initiated by ' + x.string_inserts[1]


Here we are using the code provided in the native gem library itself. We have modified it a bit to capture interesting process only (/cmd|powershell|calc|regedit/) from event logs. You can set your own programs of interest in the list

The code acts like a tail  command under linux but for event logs.

Any new entry in Security event logs will be captured and displayed as shown below

Event_log_viewer.gif, Jun 2021